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Difference between MIG and MAG Welding Machine
Definition of MAG welding and MIG welding The small diameter (?0.6 ~ 1.6mm) wires wound into coil-shaped is automatically sent to the torch through the wire feed motor, which is energized through the contact tip at the end of the torch, and produce arc among the base metals, the arc heat continuously melt with the wire to bond the base metals. Depending on the type of shielding gas, the gas welding machine can be divided into mag welding machine and MIG welding. The MAG welding uses CO2, or mix C02 in argon gas or oxygen (referred to as reactive gases). The gas welding only uses CO2 is known as the CO2 arc welding, which is different from MAG welding. MIG welding uses argon and helium inert gases. The welding wire is generally added with t ...

TIG Welding Certification Tests - Tips For Passing the Weld Test
What do Boilermakers, Pipefitters, and Aerospace welders have in common?

Welding Equipment: How to Buy
Welding is more of an art than a science, one of my close friends in the welding business once said to me. He was referring to the enormous detailing and attention required by the welder to execute a welding job without exposing himself to the risk of any injuries.

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